Most marketers agree that social proof is important. …so why do very few of us content marketers use it in our work?
Nobody comes to our websites thinking “I’m an MQL and need some TOFU-awareness content.” They come because they have a job they need to do and need some…

February 2023

There’s a hard truth you, as a marketing person, must face: all brands are of low interest to most people most of the time. Including the one(s) you own…
Fact-checking has always been important, because all sources—both human and machine—can make mistakes or lie on purpose. The difference is that with an…

January 2023

A lot of folks confuse tactics with strategy when they talk about planning. Here's how to figure out the difference between them.
A list of 16 questions you should ask yourself and your team once a year (ideally, once a quarter) to make sure you’ve got your foundations right and…

December 2022

Retrospectives (or retros) helps teams and individuals reflect on their way of working and continuously improve it.
Four examples of customer, user, and reader surveys I've been running—and I think you should, too.

November 2022

I’m a big fan of asking the occasional stupid question strategically to make sure everybody is operating under the same assumptions.
Whenever you talk about work with other content folks, chances are you're all using the same words but meaning slightly different things without…

October 2022

When you live inside a company bubble, it’s easy to ignore the world outside of it.
The ‘curse of knowledge’ is what happens when you forget that people around you know less about a given topic than you do.